2 bags down, only 6 more to go. Wonder how long these will last before they’re in the empty pots.BRODY AND THE DIRTPIPER AND THE DIRT

The Fred Meyer’s Annual Free Fuschia Planting Event is today. Being an “always looking for a deal, and man do I love free things” kinda gal, I highly encouraged Erik to take advantage of it.


Details of the event are as follows:

1) Bring your own pots to Fred Meyer

2) Purchase a plant to go in a respective pot (that you brought – this is very important or you’ll find yourself buying even more pots).

3) Take your newly purchased plant along with your pots to the next station after the cash register to get your newly purchased plant planted with some really good dirt in your pot – and here’s what makes this a super special event: FOR FREE!




It’s pretty great. We have, in the past, taken advantage of this event. I’ve seen people drive into the Fred Meyer parking lot in a big trucks and SUV’s with their truck beds and SUV cargo beds lined in painters tarp, loaded up with dozens of empty pots.

It’s a big deal if you’re a gardener; just ask anyone.



This year though when I asked Erik what time he’d be going so he can borrow my car (my seats fold down and the back is wagon-like, unlike his sedan) his response took me by surprise. He declined.

“There are no good plants right now… and it’s just a pain in the ass, lugging the pots, getting them filled, putting them in the car then lugging them all the way up. No, I’ll pass…. BUT” –  And here’s where he got super excited. ” dirt is like, 25% off right now!”

… And so it went, he went to 2 different Fred Meyers so he could take advantage of purchasing the maximum quantity of 4 per customer… He came home incredibly pleased with himself not just because of how ‘sly’ he was about asking about the ‘dirt that’s on sale’ to the unassuming garden associates at the local Freddy’s but also – and here’s what made him super giddy; the sale wasn’t a buy 1 get 1 half off, no, the sale was a flat 50% off.

Was he one happy boy (unlike Brody here, who still does not understand why he can’t pee on these plants on the deck and likes to stare at them suspiciously).

And all because he got his dirt for half off.

"What is this?!"

“These again?!”