So Many Firsts

Almost 5 years ago at what technically could be categorized as our first Easter together, we visited our very first gardening nursery together. Now, most people on Easter, if they were of that religious denomination that celebrated Easter, would be at church or just be leaving church and headed over to their or their grandmothers home to have an early Easter dinner – but no, not us; we visited a gardening nursery (after we popped in to the local blood center and donated a pint of blood. My very first time –  I wonder if that’s why I remember this day so clearly).

It was a decent sized nursery off of 164th in Lynnwood (no longer there, they shut down a couple years ago). We spent a good hour and a half paroozing the entire nursery; Erik looking through seed packets and starter plants and me checking out the various home accessories. After going through the interior maze of the nursery we finally found our way to the outdoor area that held the pots and what I will then learn are brightly colored tomato towers… oh those brightly colored tomato towers.

Erik finally decided on a bright yellow one. I will never forget this tomato tower, yes, we still have it, but also, Erik scratched the interior of my cargo area as he was shoving it in my car. (It was a pretty decent scratch and it was the only interior blemish my car had at the time!)

Oh that bright yellow tomato tower, it was the very first of many. How many you’re wondering – well, I can’t give you an exact number right now. There are a handful on our deck at the moment but I know there are even more in one of our 2 storage units below our building. Along with the couple (or maybe now it’s few-?) dozen pots.

As Easter is in just 2.5 short weeks, I can’t help but wonder what we will be doing this Easter Sunday. Maybe I’ll suggest a jaunt to his new favorite nursery and we can add to his already bountiful collection of tomato towers. Or maybe we’ll stay in and he can garden the day away… oh who am I kidding, Erik would never give up an opportunity to visit a garden nursery.

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