Pea Patch Sign Up

We got the sign up forms this afternoon for our rooftop pea patch. As it stands, to my knowledge, we are the only unit allowed to have 2. We have 2 different last names, you see, so it’s like one of us (take your pick) is incognito – and also I think they let us have 2 spots because Erik has become the resident water-er and care taker of the neglected and sad plants that a well intention-ed person just sorta lost interest in.

$10 gets you half a metal planter. Once you hand over your completed form and a $10 check (for each half metal planter), them you’re good to go….

Insert a mischievous smile, here.

Erik started planting up there a good 3 weeks ago.

I guess now – well, as soon as I hand over the checks and fill out the forms (that’s my job in the gardening realm. I’m very good at it; along with helping pick out plants, helping water the plants, and of course helping eat any eligible crop – I am especially good at this last part, especially when it comes to cooking!) – then we’ll be legit!

Until then, he’s a rogue gardening. And once we’re legit and we’ve been assigned our customary spots (I think we’ve had the same ones for the last 3 or 4 years), then we can see the spots or technically commercial planters, we can plant in…

Insert another mischievous smile, here.

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